Hello , My name is Asia Santos. I have many roles such as Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur but one of my favorite roles is Natural Hair Enthusiast. I have been fully natural since 2017, when I  decided that I would redefine the word " beautiful". I threw my straightener in the trash and never looked back. I embraced my natural hair and it changed my life forever. I gained confidence, I loved what I saw in the mirror and I felt empowered. I vowed to teach women about nurturing their natural hair through Youtube and social media platforms. I had finally found my passion after feeling like a failure since dropping out of college, and getting pregnant young.

My passion showed in the drastic change in my hair; from Damaged to Vibrantly Healthy. 

One of my biggest accomplishments in life was being able to grow and maintain my natural hair which is how my brand, One More Day Natural, came to life. 

After countless months my first product, Nourish Hair Oil was handcrafted and blended to perfection with high quality ingredients that will nourish your strands from the roots. 

Join me in the movement to being #onemoredaynatural